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Video conferencing has become a new trend that strengthens the education system and the online learning process. AI Live is a leading video conferencing platform in India that makes learning easy for all. We promote a healthy life and an amazing learning opportunity. This is why we bring you the best video conferencing for education and uninterrupted learning for all. Our video conferencing platform is 100% secure and helps you with all the safety concerns. We have designed the Best Platform for Online Classroom in India to help students keep learning with no security issues at all.

Our Video Meeting Software in India is easily available to appreciate all your efforts in learning online. We welcome users from every nook to connect with our Live Streaming Service Providers in India and get their courses started in a fuss-free manner. We make sure you will face no technical glitches while using our Education Video Conferencing Solutions in India and achieve your career goals with no interruptions at all. Our main goal is to help students with their learning needs and ensure their classes keep going with no technical glitches at all. We provide the Best Distance Learning Software in India that helps you connect with your tutors and students to make learning easy.

If you are looking for online Learning Software in India that you can trust, feel free to connect with AI Live and let your learning sessions go smoothly. We keep everything in mind from security concerns to technical issues in mind while providing you online learning software. We promise that no one could face trouble in his or her way to online learning. We take pride in providing the best Virtual Classroom Platform in India. You can also use our software when it comes to using an online Employee Training Platform. Now, trust our software and start your online learning session in a highly comfortable manner.

Feature Listing

Virtual Classroom Platform in India

Safety is our First Priority

The account and data safety is completely on your hands.

  • Meetings are automatically protected with encrypted password.
  • Private Meeting: Allow only invited participants to join the meeting.
  • Remove the unknown participant
  • Securely share recordings through AI Live
Cloud makes AI Live highly secured, and empower the users to have complete control of security on their finger-tips.

Data Security

(256 Bit Two way Encryption)

Your data is completely safe on our server. With the highest level of encryption (256 bit encryption followed by banking institutions) both at the software and server level, keeps the data safe from hackers. Further, you have controlled over the data you want to save with us. Recordings can be downloaded and deleted from the server as needed by the users.

Online Classes

Online classes feature helps you to run meeting with large number of participants without any interruptions. The host Video, Audio & Screen is shared with all, and participants enter in listen-only mode. The questions can be easily asked on the chat pod to ensure continuous interaction between the large number of participants. The presentation can be easily uploaded with options for participant to view or download. Further whiteboards takes the teaching experience to whole new level.

Video Conferencing

Reduce the distance between individuals and leads to better collaboration even when people are far from each other. With additional features of chatting, screen sharing, file upload & notes takes you to whole new level of video conferencing experience.

Group & one-on-one Chat

Video conferencing and meetings are loaded with group and one on one chat features. Ensuring better collaboration in large meeting without impacting the flow of the presenter and other participants.

Phone App

Join meeting and video conferences on go. Easy interact with large groups, view screen, download files, chat and much more.

Screen Sharing

Share screen with all users. Option to select the document which you wish to share with the participants. The screen share can also be easily viewed on the phone app.

Schedule Meetings

Schedule the meetings and send the invite to all the participant instantly. The scheduled meeting are add to calendar and notify all users before the meeting starts. Keep track of attendance through schedule meeting.


Record your session as per your requirement. Option to save the recording on the cloud or download the recording and share. The recording are stored in MP4 format and can be easily downloaded and shared further.

One on One Video Calling

Easy and fastest for one on one calling. Share screen, upload files & share notes instantly. Phone app further adds delightfulness to experience

Breakout Rooms

Breakout rooms helps you the split the meeting participants in the smaller groups that can talk, collaborate or perform particular task. Post completion the breakout rooms can be closed and all participants join back in one room. As a host you can visit these room anytime to view the discussion.

Whiteboard & Presentation

A whiteboard frequently is used in classrooms, meeting rooms and boardrooms. This feature allows you to share the whiteboard with your participants with feature to annotate on it. You also upload a document & presentation, share with all participant with further feature to annotate over the document. You can also enable the whiteboard feature for participant which allows the participant to use whiteboard at their end and can be viewed by all.

User Management

Add & remove users in the account easily. No problem in running multiple online meetings. Further reporting helps you to keep track on all meetings conducted and their related details.

Large Scale Webinar

AI Live provide with perfect solution to run meeting with large number of participants. Easily schedule Webinar with nominal price and enjoy the advantage of meeting withal your team members and colleagues.


Annotation is note by way of explanation or comment added to a text or diagram. Share screen or use the whiteboard to use annotation in the meetings. Leads to better engagement and understanding of the participants.

Online Quiz

Create objective type, time bound online quiz and conduct it during or post the classes. The host can see the results real time for all participants and can print and share as appropriate.

Best Video Conferencing for Education

'Voice to Text' (Coming Soon)

The voice meeting and conferences are automatically converted into text with tagged to person speaking. Can be converted to multiple language Using the build in language converter. The feature enables to share the videos in multiple languages.


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